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Our Services

Our services are customized to your needs. Below is an array of our services, which can be purchased for individual or packaged. For more detailed information about services and pricing, contact our customer service at (214)469-1282 or

Services & Prices

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College Ready Parent Bundle

To be honest, parents of high school students have to know just as much as their teens when it comes to college and scholarship applications. Take advantage of our College Ready Parent Bundle and stay ahead of game! Our bundle includes:

-1 hour College Application Live Presentation

-Scholarship Application Prep Live Presentation

-Bi-Monthly Scholarship Subscription

-48/5 Advisement/Assistance

College Ready Parent Bundle

College Made Easy Checklist

PreCollege Solutions presents College Made Easy Checklist. The College Made Easy Checklist are for our parents, guardians, youth professions, and high school students who prefer written checklist to be college ready, regardless of the grade level. This copywritten checklist is ony in written form and will be mailed. 

College Made Easy Checklist