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College Prep Resources

As high school students 

Four Tips for Scholarship Foundations & Organizations to Increase Applicant Pool

November 8, 2019

Scholarship season is approaching. Here are four tips for scholarship foundations and organizations to increase their applicant pool.


The number one reason for an incomplete scholarship application is to essay requirement. Why do scholarships have the essay requirement? To a high school senior, this is another essay on top their advanced placement classes, dual credit courses, and college admission essays. My suggestion is to remove the essay requirement and input a scholarship questions with 50 words or less answers or one scholarship question with 50 words or less answer. 


This is the best way to connect to the potential scholarship recipient(s). With our technological advancements, scholarship foundations and organizations can easily conduct an interview anywhere using Skype, Facetime, Zoom or the traditional in-person interview.


Most scoring rubric are bias and lean towards the candidates with the highest academic achievement and/or high financial need. There is a niche population of scholarship seekers, who are NOT in the top 10% of their classes and are NOT low income households that deserve scholarships. Revamp the scoring rubric. 


Please STOP creating scholarship application deadlines in April & May! You are competing with prom, graduation, and finals. You will LOSE. I recommend setting a scholarship deadline late March or June. 

My belief is that scholarships are still paving the way for high school students to attend post-secondary education. I thank you for it! 

What if my SAT/ACT scores are not high enough?

November 16, 2019

Imagine being a high school senior, you are applying for college. Your college of choice has an admission deadline for January 15th. You have all of the required admission documentation, except your SAT or ACT score. You decide to retake the test in early October. You take the SAT or ACT and receive your scores in three weeks (early November). Your SAT or ACT scores didn't improve, so you decide to retake the SAT or ACT again. But you missed the deadline the SAT or ACT registration deadline for November, because you were hoping the test results from October's SAT or ACT would suffice. You decide to register for the December SAT or ACT test. The scores return a couple of days before Christmas and you did not meet SAT or ACT score requirements. What does this student do?

I've watched this scenario play out numerous times for high school seniors. Most high school seniors opt out of finishing their college of choice application and apply to another college with less rigorous admission requirements. Here is my recommendations if a high school senior encounters this scenario.

Always submit the application, even if you believe you will be denied. Submit the application! Some universities have pathway programs. Pathway programs can consist of summer course(s) completion at the university over the summer, being on academic probation during the first semester, or taking a placement test. If you are denied admission, determine if you would like to submit an APPEAL. An appeal is the process of resubmitting your admission application to a college for acceptance, the college will review your admission application with an appeal committee. The student has to request an appeal. There is typically an application/form. Student may be asked to write an appeal statement. Be aware that additional documentation may be requested.

In the end, it's the student who has to determine if the college of their choice is really worth it.